A "Mobile-first" Academic Social Network That

  • Works Across Institutions
  • Involves Industry Experts
  • ​Improves Employability
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YUGRID is an Industry-Academic Collaboration & Social Network that connects students, faculty and industry experts globally to facilitate Integrative Learning.

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    Connect. Engage. Learn.
    Build your brand as you go and project it to your Peers, Faculty and Employers globally.
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    Engage with Students beyond the classroom. Identify and engage with Industry Experts globally to facilitate Integrative Learning.
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    Industry Expert
    We  provide a non-intrusive yet engaging mechanism to mentor, engage and hire students.
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    FERPA Compliance
    100% compliant to FERPA Regulations. Privacy is maintained at all times and we never sell the data.

How it works ?

  • YUGRID builds a network of multiple institutions while still maintaining the privacy of each entity.
  • The ease of collaboration fuelled by the spirit of sharing and a very intuitive product design increases engagement levels, improves productivity and helps with building and projecting one’s brand to international educators and employers.
  • Collectively, these deliver the promise of Integrative Learning leading to better Employability.

Use Cases

YUGRID lends itself to be used by its key stakeholders in a continuous manner without being overwhelming.

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    • Build a verifiable record of all your activities during college
    • Engage with Industry Experts globally
    • Build and project your brand across your course, institution and globally to international educators and employers
    • Build your "Industry Readiness Index"
    • Ask questions. Get answers from faculty and Industry Experts
    • Get easy access to projects/internships
    • Have fun !!!
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    Faculty / Institution


    • Engage with Students beyond classroom
    • Identify and help laggards
    • Identify and Engage with Industry Experts
    • Announce and share Extra Capacity (labs, infrastructure etc.)
    • Reduce overheads and repetitive tasks
    • Monitor the pulse of academic activities at a global level
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    Industry Experts


    • Track student progress across the years
    • Hire based on "Industry Readiness Index" and not just the performance during the placement interview
    • Announce projects / internships to select students / campuses based on long-tern data analysis​
    • Identify and invite students / faculty to participate in research activities

FERPA Compliance

We take student's privacy very seriously here at YUGRID. We've personally verified our compliance to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Regulations and we welcome you to do so as well.

We never sell students' information to any third party.

    With YUGRID:

  • Only select "directory" information such as a student's name, course pursued, telephone number and email id are accessible to faculty and their approved industry experts.
  • No personal information is visible to any other student on this platform.
  • We do not directly interact with any LMS and our login credentials are different from that of the University/College LMS or equivalent system.
  • Access to YUGRID is discretionary and on a voluntary basis by the eligible student.

We believe that institutions, faculty and students that use YUGRID have greater levels of engagement, participation in academics and lead to better employment opportunities for the students. It also improves the brand of the students, faculty and institutions.


Our stakeholders are generous and have good things to say about us.

“We never thought what we wanted to do all these years could be done so easily & effectively through the use of technology.”

HOD Commerce,

A leading College for Commerce

“I believe YUGRID holds tremendous potential to increase and project the brand of my students”

-VP Career and Placement Cell

A leading Engineering Institute

“I am sure students who leverage this the most will benefit significantly from it”

-Dean of Academic Affairs

A leading Management Institute

“This gives a way to project my skills to employers beyond the dumb mark sheet”


A leading University

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  • +91-9880500088